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사진예술을 전공했다. 사진의 즉물적인 의미 구현에 중점을 둔 작업을 수행해왔다. 사진기를 성실한 재현을 수행하는 조력자임과 동시에 이미지를 특정한 의미에 가두는 차가운 기계로 인식한다. 동시대 디지털 이미지의 유통경로 상에 사진적 현실감을 위치시키는 방식들에 관심을 두고 있다.


Majored in the Fine Art Photography. THNKIM is working on representing objective meanings of photography. THNKIM recognizes the camera as an assistant which performs sincere representation at the same time a cold machine which catches images in the specific meaning. THNKIM is interested in placing a photo-realism on the path of contemporary digital images circulation.

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≪Art project B1/2≫, f1.8, Changwon, Korea ∘∘∘∘∘∘ view


≪Cant’ take my eyes off you≫, Onui Book&Shop, Changwon, Korea ∘∘∘∘∘∘ view

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2019 ~

Director of Photography, Changwon Branch Office, Korean Broadcasting System


Internship, New Media Development, Tech Dep., The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation

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B.F.A., Dept. of Fine Art Photography, Chung-Ang University, Korea

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